The Twin Cities Hardingfelelag plays dance music from Norway, both bygdedans (regional dance tunes from various parts of Norway) and gammaldans (folk dance tunes with roots in Western and Central Europe). Some of our regional dance music features the asymmetric 3-beat rhythm characteristic of the Valdres region of Norway. We also play dance music of Telemark, with a different asymmetric beat. Other tunes include waltzes and schottisches with familiar folk music rhythms and catchy melodies.

Our repertoire includes tunes in many folk music dance styles including the three-beat springar (“running dance”), pols (polska), and vals (waltz); the lively reinlender (schottische); the stately four-beat gangar (“walking dance”) and bruremarsj (bridal or wedding marches); and the even-meter spinning dance, the rudl (rull).

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